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 From Ashes is a World of Warcraft guild located on the Sargeras server. We are a competitive guild that strives to have fun in all we do. Hosting weekly games and events for our members. There isn't much that we do not do.

Legion Launch
Legion Launch
At 08-30-2016 12:00:00 AM
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Guild Event

by Abishaí, 216 days ago

Dueling Tournament

June 24th @ 9:00pm ST


1 character per tournament

No tanks or healer specs

Only arena usable abilities and items

In the case of a tie, after an undetermined space of time a judge ruling is in order to declare the winner

Two and out bracket 

Winner receives guild rank and prizes. 


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Weekly Guild Event

by Abishaí, 219 days ago




-Inside instances are the only safe areas

-If the assassin opens trade with you or takes a selfie within melee that character is considered dead for the week

-Only pansies stay in their garrisons


Xyne is our assassin this week 6/18 - 6/25 so be sure to keep a look out!

Here is his kills so far. 

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Guild Event

by Abishaí, 225 days ago

Drunken Foot Race

June 17th 9:00pm ST


~Rules and Regulations~

No Armor - casual attire is acceptable

No Speed Increases - from armor, talents, abilities, presences, cat forms, ect...


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Guild Event

by Abishaí, 236 days ago

King of the Hill


Will you be the last to stand a top the Arena? 

Prizes and Rank to the Winner. 

6/4 @ 9:00pm ST

Nagrand Arena - Outland


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We have Risen Again!

by Abishaí, 244 days ago

We are back and starting up again. Building a solid group to finish WOD and bring in Legion. Lots of things planned for the future.

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